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It Feels Like A Beautiful Symphony

Design is a way to express your lifestyle. Interior design is a journey to create an expression of who you really are. As an interior designer, I pull together unique styles, colors, and details that harmonize with your personality.


I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is an amazing, dynamic city that moves and evolves in distinct ways through the passing of each season. Fashion, design, architecture, and technology are constantly changing and evolving. As a young girl, and later as a woman, I learned to appreciate the power of an open mind and the willingness to embrace change.

At 30 it was time for a change in my life. America was calling. I moved to the beautiful seaside city of San Diego and gave birth to my two boys. San Diego is so different from my city but also, so very powerful. Here I have learned to appreciate and love the harmony between nature and life in an urban environment. I have learned that color, texture, personality, and lifestyle can all live in balance and harmony.

With children, I have learned to always be aware and adapt as they develop. Finding a way to stimulate their minds and create an environment where they learn to be creative, free, and individual is possible through thoughtful design.


So, this is where my love for design became a business.  In my home, through design, I was simply expressing my family’s personality. As a result, friends started asking me to come to help them change parts of their personal space. Then their friends, then their friends, etc, etc, etc…I realized there was a desire for my vision and passion. Free Spirit Interior Design was born.

Life is short. All we have is right now, this moment, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to fully enjoy this time and space in your unique home with your unique family in an expression of who you are? I want you to feel loved and embraced. My mission is to help you create a space that exudes your comfort and elegance while reflecting the surrounding natural beauty. 

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